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February 2014 CHRISTENING FOR LISTENING: The Inside Story
November 2013 Reincarnation, Music and Media: Why is this Trending?
October 2013 Bible Code, Moses Code, DaVinci Code and Sacred Codes
September 2013 ANCIENT ECHOES: 35th Anniversary Celebration and New Videos for Inner Peace and Middle East Peace
August 2013 SOUND HEALING: Medicine of the Future...or of Now?
July 2013 "20 FEET FROM STARDOM: The Art of the Backup Singer"
June 2013 DEEP THETA 2.0:
Further Explorations in the Deep Theta Zone
May 2013 Unreliable Sources and Meditating with Metallica
April 2013 Honoring our Elders, Our History, Our Legacy and Freedom of Food Choice
March 2013 Walking the Red Carpet at the GRAMMYs®:
A Sound Healer's Perspective and Reflections
January 2013 Tuning in to the New Year, and Secrets Revealed about my First Chakra-Healing Recording
December 2012 Sound Healing at the GRAMMYS®?
November 2012 Auspicious Numerology, Deja-Vu and the Reincarnation of My "Golden Oldies"
October 2012 Politics, Entertainment and Sound Healing
September 2012 Consciousness, Politics, and the Origins of Music
August 2012 DEEP ALPHA, Billboard, and the Art of the Reviewer.
July 2012 Is Standard Concert Pitch (A=440 Hz) Out of Tune with Optimum Health?
June 2012 Venus Transit, The Moon(ves), Astronomy, Politics, Past Life and Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo
May 2012 DEEP ALPHA: Music, Consciousness and Healing
March 2012 Music, Magic, Neuroscience, and the “Chill Factor”
February 2012 How A Sound Healer Watches the Super Bowl
January 2012 SOUND HEALING 2012 - Riding The Next Wave
December 2011 Resonance, Renewal and
IP (Intellectual Property) Rights
November 2011 DEEP THETA, Billboard, and YOUR Brain on Music
October 2011 ELECTROSMOG and a New Instrument to Keep Your Energy Fields Balanced and IN TUNE
September 2011 Resonance of the Heart and the Healing Arts
August 2011 Sound as Spiritual Technology,
Listening with the Third Ear
July 2011 What is the Sound of Freedom?
June 2011 Singer Overload, the Art of Reviewing,
and the Power of Music
May 2011 Tuning Your Brainwaves -- A Double-edged Sword?
April 2011 Motown, American Idol, Endorphins and the Healing Powers of Non-intentionally Healing Music
March 2011 Sound Pollution, EMF Pollution, and Keeping Your Human Instrument Tuned Up
February 2011 Can Sound Healing Make a Difference
in the Mid-East Unrest?
January 2011 Brainwaves, Bliss and Healing: Composing In the High Coherence Zone
December 2010 Living Proof of Healing Music, Tuning your Brainwaves (Plus a special bonus just for men)
November 2010 In Concert with Crystal Skulls, and Giving Thanks for a Harvest of New Albums
October 2010 Notes on Music as a Carrier Wave for Consciousness, Audible and Subliminal Affirmations
September 2010 Sound Matters: Inside the Music: Paradigm Shift and Audio Programs for Breast Health
August 2010 ON the ROAD to SOUND HEALING: Rock Bands with Horns
July 2010 Paradigm Shift in Subtle Energy Medicine and Sound Healing
June 2010 STAR CHILDREN: A Soundtrack Ahead of Its Time
May 2010 When is a Sound Healing CD Not Healing? Secrets of Sound Healing and Another 35th Anniversary
April 2010 Cycles of Time, 35th Anniversaries, Digital Mythology and My Major Workshop of 2010
March 2010 Can You Hear INTENTION?
What is the Sound of Sound Healing?
February 2010 World Sound Healing Day, Super Bowl, Improvisation and Intention
January 2010 Starting the Year on a Good Note
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